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Yukari Matsumoto
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De Linde van Sambeek #2, Inner Garden (Collective)
Garden on the floor: 500 x 420cm, soil, grass, plants, paper, videos
Exhibition at Club Solo, Breda, 2014

Interview videos
- De Linde van Sambeek, 14'46"
- Stichting Wereldboom, 20'27"

The series of ‘De Linde van Sambeek' encapsulates an extensive body of research surrounding the history, hearsay and folklore of one of the largest and oldest trees in the Netherlands. Exploring this subject she has created a new frame of reference for the tree as a cultural marker and elucidated and expanded upon a field of research of social, cultural and artistic significance, which transcends its own site-specificity.

Text by Thomas I'Anson